We have the THREE upcoming projects that are awaiting partnership

(The Intake Office project is available as a virtual mission trip!)

These 3 projects need to be completed before the end of the year for safety and licensing reasons.

Intake & Security Office

One of the requirements of accreditation (which must be completed before the end of 2021) is a dedicated space for the social worker. Combining this requirement with the need for a secure space for intakes (which will be mandated on-site at the end of COVID restrictions), we have discerned that the best option for the mission is to have an outbuilding, away from the children’s area, that will house the social worker and government mandated security guard.

The cost for this project is $7430.

We will be offering this project as a Virtual Mission Trip. Virtual Mission Trips are amazing opportunities for your group to partner on a project, experience intentional interaction with our on-site staff via Zoom, and build relationship with the folks who will be serving as your hands and feet during the construction of your project.

Housing for 2-5 Year Olds

Our mission is at 100% capacity. In fact, we are technically over capacity, but the COVID crisis has caused the government agencies to give a temporary waver as they themselves are the ones requesting placements.

It has long been the plan that when our babies became mostly stable walkers that they would graduate into more “homelike” living situations. Now is the time to make that plan a reality. We currently have 5 children that really need OUT of the nursery and into a more home and play friendly living space. These units have the potential to house 12 children each (although my perfect world dream would be only 8).

The cost for this project is $26,000

Electrical Upgrade

Currently, our entire mission is running on a 100 amp service. As a bit of context, most American households of the past 20 years are operating on a 200 amp service. Particularly large homes, or homes running high-end heating and cooling systems may be using a 400 amp service.

Additionally, that service is not running through a consolidated main service panel, but instead the main line on the property has just been “jumped” to feed each new building. (This is a local practice and has had disastrous results.) We do not currently have a main circuit breaker. All electrical work is done jumping a live line. To say that our electricity is dangerous, would be a profound understatement. We have so much electrical leakage that some circuits “back-feed”, causing outlets to be “live” in spite of individual circuit breakers being switched off.

Our line has caught fire multiple times, and wreaks havoc on our electrical appliances. We must turn off everything at the mission just to make our drinking water, and as recently as this past month, our water pump caught fire for the second time due to voltage issues.

We truly need this upgrade just to maintain what we already have, let alone the new buildings that we need to support.

More Projects Coming Soon!

We have several more projects under preparation. We are currently collecting materials lists, prices, and other information critical to announcing upcoming projects and needs. Watch this space for more ways to be involved!


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